Feedback from therapy clients and students engaged in clinical supervision

-Alison was invaluable to my recovery. She provided the safe space, the all-encompassing support and the tools to make a real difference in my life. I was tired of just 'coping' and I wanted more for myself. Alison listened to me and optimised my therapy by adapting to a style that best suited me. I completed my therapy with the realisation that I deserved to be happy, but even greater than that, armed with the tools to recognise my triggers and manage whatever may come my way in the future' (Maria-treated for depression, eating disorder and anxiety).

-I experienced 20 of the 20 most stressful life events over a period of a few short years. It is sometimes very difficult to find harmony and balance by yourself. The guidance and perspective Alison brings continues to help me be a better father, partner and co-worker; a better and more creative person. I can't recommend Alison enough (James- treated for depression).

-Thank you, Alison, for helping me to feel less anxious about my life and work. The techniques you taught me have made my life so much easier but I want to thank you most for giving me ‘me’ back and helping to get my life back to where I want it to be (Caroline-treated for anxiety and low self esteem).

-Without your help, my child would not be the person he is today. I cannot thank you enough (parent of a child impacted by domestic abuse).

-Thank you for all your help with my daughter. I was not too keen at first but I am really glad that the school recommended seeing you as it has helped so much (parent of child impacted by parental separation).

-Thank you for caring for me when I had a hard time changing schools. You helped me fix my problems and enjoy school again (child treated for school phobia).

-I was too sad to talk when I came to see you. Using drawings helped me share how much I missed my mum. She will always live in my heart but now I don't feel so sad and alone (child suffering from bereavement).

-Alison supervised my clinical work with children and adolescents whilst I was training to be a Counselling Psychologist. She was very supportive and nurturing in her approach but also challenged me to go further by developing my theory-practice links, enhancing analytical thinking and fostering my reflective capacity. Alison’s feedback was consistently constructive and her understanding of the demands of the training course meant she also provided me with highly valued advice and tips for managing the trainee experience. I would highly recommend her as a clinical supervisor.

-Thank you for your great supervision and support. I feel like I have learnt a lot which I can take forward into my future career as a psychologist (psychologist in training-supervision).

-Thank you for the things that you have both knowingly and unknowingly taught me about myself and the work we do. Thank you also for the growth I have experienced through my experience of you as a result of your sensitivity and spiritedness (therapist in training-supervision).